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At Kim Carey Hair, I go out of my way to make sure you feel valued and have the best experience possible, from the minute we make contact to the moment you leave. Please take a moment to review my policies to ensure you understand the operations procedures. If you have any questions, just get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Alergy Alert Testing (AAT) Skin testing:

Skin testing is required 48hrs prior to all colour services this is part of our colour responsible policy.

KIM CAREY HAIR follows a Colour Responsible Policy for the safety and peace of mind of guests. I use testing and screening to check suitability for the colouring products we provide. Although allergic reactions are extremely rare, it is important to carry out an allergy alert test (AAT) to identify those people that have been sensitised because the next reaction could be severe. Remember that once a person has been sensitised they have been for life. I will always keep a Guest Record Card for each colour guest in my salon for future reference and to show my duty of care.


I understand that life changes and things need to be cancelled/rescheduled. I ask that you please give 48hrs notice of your appointment.

Cancellations after 48hrs will be charged 50% 

No shows will be charged full price of appointment.

Under insurance policies I cannot welcome children into the salon premises.


All services must be paid for before leaving the salon. Cash and card accepted.


All images taken will be used for social media and website. Images are my best form of advertising. Brides if comfortable I’d love to share professional images when you’ve received them. All clients will be asked before images taken and verbally accepted along with a consultation form signed prior to any services.

Policies: Policies
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